2020: Coming Soon

Amphetamine Sulphate

2020: Coming Soon

2020 Schedule

We aim to make 2020 our most productive year yet.

January has already seen the release of Jean-Louis Costes’ hilariously filthy The Last Crusade, a scabrous and scatologicial satire on the sorry state of la République from France’s leading literary punk rock provocateur. We also continued our ‘classic style’ stapled booklet series with If You Have Ghosts by Douglas Payne, a profoundly disquieting meditation executed in grimly hypnotic prose.

February will see another publishing ‘double event.’ Coupling Christopher Zeischegg’s downbeat horror noir of sexual violence and psychological mayhem The Magician, with Audrey Szasz’s stylishly wicked and erotic Invisibility: A Manifesto. As usual, both books will be available separately or in a bundle so customers can save on combined retail and shipping costs.

In April we’ll be pleased to finally unveil David Cotner’s monumental A History of Violence (1973), a copiously illustrated epic documenting a single year of cinematic excess, violence — both on- and off-screen — and tragedy. AS will also be organising US screenings and readings by David for Spring/Summer 2020. Interested parties should get in touch via the “Contact” option on this site.

Among the books planned for late spring / early summer AS are particularly delighted to announce the publication of Thomas Moore’s outstanding new novel Alone, a poetic and harrowing work that will be sure to confirm Thomas’ reputation as a writer of some considerable sophistication and craft. Michael Salerno of Kiddiepunk will be providing the cover design.

Other publications for 2020 include new full-length works by Meg McCarville, Steve Finbow, Josh Peterson, Josiah Morgan and Martin Bladh, as well as more ‘classic style’ chapbooks showcasing exciting new talents. We will also continue to publish new works of literature in translation, and are currently working on a very special project in this field.

Finally, we are going to be launching our new series of AS/SF books, including the novel The Sex Shops of Sherman Oaks by SJXSJC and an anthology of all-new original science fiction, illustrated throughout by Steven Purtill, and including the novella ‘Airlocked,’ the final written work by Simon Morris.

Amphetamine Sulphate will also keep all of Simon’s work in print, with reprints appearing in perfect bound expanded editions where necessary. We dedicate this year to Simon’s memory and, as always, thank you all for your dedicated and vital support. Simon loved these fucking books. We hope you do too.

Philip Best 

Sarah Froelich