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Fall Schedule

October 2019  Jean-Louis Costes  ‘The Last Crusade’

Scabrous and scatological satire on the sorry state of la République.  GG Allin assfucks Celine in this indefensible romp by France’s leading literary punk rock provocateur.  Translated from the original French with zero cultural funding.

November 2019  David Cotner  ‘A History of Violence (1973)’


400-page fully-illustrated philosophical trawl through the cinematic excess, violence - both on- and off-screen - and tragedy of a single year. Haunting and harrowing. You will have never read a book like this.

Christopher Zeischegg  ‘The Magician’

Stylish, witty and ultraviolent LA noir.


LOS ANGELES Saturday November 9th 2019: Amphetamine Sulphate Event.

Venue TBA

Readers:  Simon Morris, Meg McCarville, Christopher Zeischegg, David Cotner and more to be announced.

Artworks, Multimedia, DJ and live music etc.

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