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AS 14-17 Bundle


Bundle Includes:
Granite City Blues by Josh Peterson
The Rita: Anatomical Charisma by Sam McKinlay
Inside the Castle by Josiah Morgan
Sea of Love by Simon Morris

*Initial orders come with a limited edition art card set.

AS #14 Simon Morris
‘Sea of Love’
Stapled booklet, 32 pp.

The third installment in the ‘Arthouse’ sequence (after ‘Creepshots’ and ‘Civil War’) finds our protagonist re-considering the first eight novels by James Herbert, boy bands, pop stars, Stephen King and the mysteries of past and present loves.

AS #15 Josiah Morgan
‘Inside the Castle’
Stapled booklet, 44pp.

Josiah Morgan is a 17-year-old poet from New Zealand. ‘Inside the Castle’ is his first book.

I watch you fry a lamb and
I want you to slam your hand on the element,
to slam your
hand on the element so
hard that when you jerk off you
feel intense third degree burns I want you
so hard that I can set fire to your cock and
I want you …

AS #16 Sam McKinlay
‘THE RITA - Anatomical Charisma’
Introductory notes by Gabrielle Losoncy
Stapled color art booklet, 48pp.

High quality art plates, exclusively designed and executed for THE RITA.

“My guess is that a lot of people reading this book know something personal about immersion. The experience of watching meaning change over time solely for yourself, depth being equal to the ease with which you get information, the ability to ‘read’ that information, the extent to which you can invest yourself in that information. Things you see, you can see over and over, because you love them. Love is best and most correct when you know something but you feel like you can never truly own it—no matter what, it is always outside of you.”
—Gabrielle Losoncy

AS #17 Josh Peterson
‘Granite City Blues’
Perfect bound, 126pp.

‘Granite City Blues’ is an epic journey to the dark heart of modern America. Unflinching, raw and searingly honest. Mature readers only.

"My more-or-less gay friends would often confess a lot of formerly-unspoken details to their pasts when smoking meth in front of and sometimes with me while I had been living with one of them. I think their particular mental imbalances coupled with the obstruction of their addiction was what made them deluded enough to be convinced they could pass as straight to acquaintances. What was occasionally supposed to be a quick round before hitting the bars would sometimes turn into extended spun-out conversations beneath the harsh kitchen fluorescent."