Lionel Maunz / Peter Sotos
Lionel Maunz / Peter Sotos

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<b>Lionel Maunz  / Peter Sotos </b><br>Lionel Maunz / Peter Sotos

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9 x 11.25" | 330 pages | 187 colour illustrations | 63,000 words | Hardcover Limited Edition

Note: Pre-order copies will be autographed by Lionel Maunz and Peter Sotos.

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The forum is sick, the conversation corrupted by the audience.

Possessed by a galvanic intensity rarely encountered in contemporary art, the work of Lionel Maunz is exhibited in dialectical arrangement with Peter Sotos’ thematically expansive commentary in this ingeniously layered collation. Whether it is approached as an archival showcase of Maunz’s viscerally assaulting gallery portfolio, or as an exegetical key to the personal histories and refractory obsessions that inform and inscribe an overarching psycho-aesthetic confrontation with suffering, violence and desire, Lionel Maunz Peter Sotos is an immersive and uniquely disquieting fusion of text and imagery.

Co-published by Amphetamine Sulphate and Nine-Banded Books, this full-colour, large-format, limited edition hardcover features 187 colour photos and illustrations by Lionel Maunz and a 63,000 word text by Peter Sotos.

Copies ordered in advance of the December 1 release date will be individually autographed by Lionel Maunz and Peter Sotos. We're not sending you third-rate signed bookplates to go with this exquisite production. Your book will be signed in person by both artists here in Texas prior to shipping.