Your Dreams
Thomas Moore

<b>Your Dreams </b><br>Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore - Your Dreams
Limited edition, with 3 Art Cards

The long-awaited new novel from a major literary talent.
With cover design and Art Cards by Michael Salerno (KIDDIEPUNK).
First edition. Limited numbers.


UK/EU Customers please order the UK edition via Cargo Records

“I’m so close to falling apart. Fuck it. Who isn’t?”

Thomas Moore’s latest novel Your Dreams, the follow-up to 2021’s devastating Forever, is a visceral yet contained inquiry into the endless need to be understood. Eavesdropping on a debate about cancelled bands, listening to a close friend’s explanation of his disturbing desires, facilitating a conversation about kinks at a party until it goes wrong, Moore’s narrator is less of a character than a witness of desperate disconnection. Your Dreams, despite its impulse to hide, faces the reader head-on in an intimate unmasking, still grasping for closeness in a world of limits.

“Simple words. Deep emotions … beyond prose to another plane. Openness that pours through you.”
Jack Skelley, The Los Angeles Review of Books

“Thomas Moore is one of the best writers the world has in stock.”
Dennis Cooper