Missed. Better still.
Peter Sotos

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<b>Missed. Better still.</b><br> Peter Sotos

Peter Sotos
'Missed. Better still.'

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Perfect bound paperback. 6" x 9"
Illustrated throughout.

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Extended selections from: The Perfect Jason Swift, Predicate, Home, Crows, Lordotics, Repertoire, Missing Children, Kept, Show Adult, Comfort and Critique, Lazy, Ingratitude, Index, Tick, Desistance, Mine and Selfish, Little.

“Wild animals try to suffer through illness in silence. It’s instinctual, defensive, as a weak sick animal is easy, inviting prey. Doctors who don’t immediately tear into their bodies in captivity have a difficult time weighing response and effect. The animals fight against crying out in pain and their bodies often hide much more damage than is evident or guessed.”

Philip Best writes: The initial idea for this book was to present a definitive Peter Sotos Reader, with extended selections from rare and hard-to-source books, illustrating the full and lustrous wealth of Sotos’ writings, to further quantify and memorialise, and along the way to dispel some myths, perhaps? But really, who would want to fucking do that? Consider the audience.

The domestication would serve no purpose. Not when there’s declension and decline. Repetition. Tautology. The specific litanies of annotation. And always the pornography. Or this and that picture. Held closer. Rubbed hard. This, then, is emphatically not a collage, an ugly tampering with rudely inserted portraits of retardation and your offensive desperate clumsiness. Landlording legacy. Here instead, the animals, the Missed. Better still.