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Crusade / Ghosts Bundle


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Jean Louis Costes 'The Last Crusade'
ISBN 978-1-7337567-2-3

“In psychological warfare, a rigorous thirst for perversion is a definite advantage.”

Welcome to the last crusade. Imagine GG Allin teaming up with Louis-Ferdinand Celine to right all the wrongs of this fallen, corrupted world. Join a merry band of chronic degenerates as they fuck and slaughter their way across the ruins of revolutionary France. That’s 21st century revolutionary France. Islamist terror attacks, rustic rebellions, blatant atrocities, scatological derangement and host of other comic misadventures worthy of Rabelais at his most splenetic. And disgusting. Amphetamine Sulphate is proud to present this provocative and astonishing French mock-literary punk epic, appearing in English translation for the very first time.

Jean-Louis Costes is an actor, musician, writer and artist of some considerable notoriety and renown.

220 pp. Perfect bound paperback book. Retail: $18.00 USD

Douglas Payne 'If You Have Ghosts'
ISBN 978-1-7337567-9-2

"Sixth grade camp could have been a prime opportunity for faggotry had I been a little less awkward and introverted. I could have been blowing schoolmates in the middle of the night, the attendant asleep in the office, dreaming of his mother and acres of forest fires."

"A profoundly disquieting and sombre meditation, written in vivid and masterfully controlled incantatory prose. One of the grimmest, most hypnotically fucked up and important books we've published. A major find." - Philip Best

44 pp. Stapled booklet. Retail: $10.00 USD