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Four Circles
Meg McCarville
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“It was over. There was no making up for it. There was nothing I could do. All of this right after Phillip gets out of the psych ward for trying to off himself. What a nightmare. How could things possibly get any worse? I had learned by now never to ask that question.”

Join your lusty host Meg McCarville for a hellishly undivine comedy as she leads you through a quartet of blazing infernos in modern America. Witness in horrified fascination the madness and drug-fuelled obscenity to be found in the decaying streets, crackhouses and trailer parks of Chicago, Oakland, Miami and New Orleans. There’s a terrifying cast of barbaric denizens that Meg has met, fucked (voluntarily or otherwise) and finally fled from in a degraded odyssey of self-discovery and preservation. We’re not in the business of issuing trigger warnings at Amphetamine Sulphate, but for just this one time we STRONGLY advise readers to exercise all due caution before embarking upon this particular pilgrim’s progress. Those brave enough, however, will be rewarded with the hard-earned wisdom of a born survivor and most incorrigibly independent woman.

File under: memoir / women’s studies / art and pornography

Preface by Simon Morris

Perfect bound. 90 pages.

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